AC Machines - 2

AC Machines - 2

Course Conducted By
Md.Shafikul Islam (Milon)
Electrical Technology.
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

To provide the student with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of alternating current machines with special emphasis on:
1. Alternator
2. Synchronous motor
3. Single phase motor Motor control.

Alternators: Principle, construction, emf equation, effect of load on alternator; voltage regulation, parallel operation and starting procedure of alternator; Synchronous motor: Operation, torques and excitation, Phase swinging, Starting method and uses, Power factor correction; Single phase motor: Operation of single phase motor; Operation of AC commentator motor; Motor control: Speed control of single phase motor; Starting of three phase induction motor; Controlling speed of three phase induction motor.

Private Course

Last Update 01/02/2021
Completion Time 3 hours 42 minutes
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