Data Structure and Algorithm

Data Structure and Algorithm

This course is conducted by
Santosh Kumar Sushil
Head of Computer Department
Daffodil Institute of IT(DIIT), Chattogram.

This course covers the Data type,Data structure and Algorithm,Arrays,Records,Pointer and Link List,Stack,Queue and Recursion, Searching and Sorting

Expected Outcomes:
It will become familiar with the idea of Data Structure,the basic concept of Algorithm,Arrays,Records and pointers,the Properties of Linked List,Operation of Stack,Operation of Queue,Operation of Recursion,Operation of Searching, Sorting and the basics of sorting String.

Last Update 07/28/2020
Completion Time 5 hours 22 minutes
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Live Class

Start Time 07/30/2020 05:40:00
End Time 07/30/2020 06:10:00