DIITCTG CMT  Graphic Design (66633)

DIITCTG CMT Graphic Design (66633)

This course is conducted by
Tamanna Akther
Instructor of Computer department
Daffodil Institute of IT, Chattogram

Objective of the Course:
1. To be able to perform Design.
2. To learn about different kinds of graphic design software.
3. To learn creative design work.
Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course the student must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to:
1. Demonstrate creative Design work using multiple Graphics Design Software.
2. Create Template using Graphic Design Software.
3. Develop graphics incorporating a range of features for cross-media publishing based on a
client brief using a high-end application.
4. Find recent developments in Graphic Design.

Last Update 10/24/2020
Completion Time 20 minutes
Members 1