Electrical and Electrical Measurement -2

Electrical and Electrical Measurement -2

Course Conducted By
Md.Shafikul Islam (Milon)
Electrical Technology.
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


To provide the student with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude in the area of Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments with special emphasizes on:

• Extension of instrument range
• Operation of instrument transformer.
• Measurement of the resistance of various ranges.
• The concept of operation of meters for measurement of frequency and Power factor.


• My Students will be able to understand extension of instrument ranges: instrument range; Ammeter shunt, Voltmeter multiplier.
• My Students will be able to understand Instrument transformer: construction and use of CT & PT.
• They will be able to Measurement of resistance: Low resistance, Medium resistance and High resistance.
• They can Identify Multi meter; Digital instrument; Frequency Meter.
• They will be able to Principle of measurement, construction and operation.
• Students will be able to understand Energy factor meter: Construction and principles of operation; Digital energy factor meter.

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