Interior Graphics(68732)

Interior Graphics(68732)

Interior Graphics
Subject Coad: 68732

This Course for: Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design Technology (3rd Semester)
Condact By Sharmin Akter

Objective of the Course:
• Develop knowledge, skill and attitude in the field of the graphical representation of architectural design & drafting.
• Creativity
• Elements of design.
• Principles of Design
• Proportion and scale
• Composition
• Color
• Rendering and presentation

Creativity, creative process and theories, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, appearance, unity, variety, repetition, opposition, transition, form, shape & space, transformation of forms, balance, rule of thirds, scale and Proportion, golden section, composition, color, rendering and presentation.

Private Course

Last Update 10/28/2020
Completion Time 20 minutes
Members 1