Course Conducted by
M.M. Shahanuzzaman, Instructor,
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.
This Course for: Diploma in Engineering(2nd Semester)

Objective of the Course:
● To enable in solving the simultaneous equations with the help of determinant and matrix.
● To make understand the exponential series.
● To provide ability to apply the knowledge of differential calculus in solving problem like slope, gradient of a curve, velocity, acceleration, rate of flow of liquid etc.
● To enable to apply the process of integration in solving practical problems like calculation of area of a regular figure in two dimensions and volume of regular solids of different shapes.

Algebra: Determinants, Matrix, Exponential Series.
Trigonometry: Inverse circular functions, Properties of triangle and solution of triangles.
Differential Calculus: Function and limit of a function, differentiation with the help of limit, differentiation of functions, geometrical interpretation of dx/dy, successive
differentiation and Leibnitz theorem, partial differentiation.
Integral Calculus : Fundamental integrals, integration by substitutions, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, definite integrals.

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